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When we set out to create the BackAgent Brokerage Management system, we wanted to completely revolutionize the way that brokerages handled their transaction workflow process. Our goal was to become more than a paperless version of the static processes employed by most other online solutions. We have invented and implemented the most robust decision engine in the industry. Our transaction files, once started will give the correct workflow, document needs, and suggested collateral and client communications, based on easy to follow questions and answers that guide the process.

Our dynamic transaction interview helps ensure that the agent follows the right path, and gathers the correct documentation for every transaction, every time. This eliminates the back and forth that coordinators or managers go through with agents in the typical brokerage setup. We help increase productivity, while reducing the liability of the office by ensuring the procedures set at the very top are followed each time.

The solutions that we have created have scaled from organizations as small as 3 or 4 agents, to franchise level deployments of 1000's of agents across hundreds of offices. Each office or region can operate differently within set parameters allowing for individual state rules, or organizational preferences to be followed. Managers of each office have the ability to oversee their locations with expanded privileges, and a focus on the local importance of information, while never losing the connection to the corporate office or the power of the collective group.

Agents love the system because it not only eliminates many of the often unused placeholders that serve to confuse the process, but also because the intuitive interaction means they spend less time working and more time making connections. When the agents utilize brokerage created customer communication templates, they impress their clients, and reinforce the company's additional objective as well. Things like, process explanation, partner affiliations, and customer re-engagement are achieved with almost no effort.

We have removed the barrier of entry by making an affordable, easy to understand, platform that companies can grow into. Our philosophy of helping brokerage follow a path of least resistance toward the perfect sale or lease transaction, makes BackAgent the perfect choice for organizations both large or small. Request a demo today, and see what we can do for your firm!

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